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Park Place Pavers specializes in brick and interlocking paver design and installation for residential and business properties. We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive choice of Nicolock, Grinnell, and Cambridge Pavers to meet their specific needs. Learn More

Paver Repairs

Paver Repairs Harrison, NY

When property owners are looking for strong and durable materials for their landscaping, one of the very first things they think of installing are pavers. These are extremely resilient and long-lasting features that are extremely versatile too, as they are perfect for use in various outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, driveways, pathways, walkways etc.

Park Place Pavers provides customized paver repair solutions to clients in and around Harrison, Mamaroneck, Mt Vernon, Scarsdale and Yonkers. They have a large number of clients across Bronx, Moriches, New Rochelle, Westchester and Fenmore Park. The different types of services include:

Sealing Pavers

Paved surfaces have to endure a great deal of wear & tear. They are exposed to climatic changes, scratches and oil stains. The one way to protect them from deteriorating is to get them sealed once the installation is done. This polyurethane coating is applied to the surface once the pavers have been installed and sanded to seal the joints. The sealant provides the pavers protection from all the factors we just talked about. The sealant application may need to be done every 2 years.

Cleaning Pavers

Paving requires very little maintenance; all it needs is a regular hosing and you can use a blower to clear away debris and leaves etc. However, the fact is that these ;installations are open to the air and have to bear climatic changes, oil spills from vehicles and regular wear and tear as well as mold and mildew growth. Most landscaping companies provide paver cleaning services and use special cleaning agents and high-pressure hoses to clean the stains, dirt, and mold.

Paving Sand

In most instances, pavers are just installed on compacted sand and there isn’t much else that’s required to be done. The edging and borders keep the pavers in place and help maintain the integrity of the installation. At times, pavers may be installed in a mortar and paving sand may be filled in the joints between the units, after which they will be sealed. This process provides added protection to the paver stones. In case any of the units have gotten dislodged, the sand may have to be refilled and the pavers will have to be sealed.

Paver Restoration

While pavers are extremely resilient, there are times when a very strong impact or imperfect installation causes these paver units to crack or get damaged. This is when you need a good paving contractor to handle paver restoration for you. This job may seem simple, as only the individual paver units would have to be replaced. If there is any damage to the surface, or if the units are worn and looking old, expert paver restoration procedures will be used to get them back to their original state.

The integrity of your paver installation depends on the type of materials used and the quality of the repairs as well. This is why you should choose an experienced and credible company like Park Place Pavers for the work. That way, you have the assurance that your pavers will look good and last for a number of years.


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